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One of our all-time favorite YouTube Channels (outside of the WFPB eating space) is the Townsends YouTube channel. Their channel is dedicated to showing viewers the lifestyle of people living in the 18th century, including how to make dishes of the time using period-appropriate outfits and cookware. We picked a recipe from a 300 year old Vegetarian cookbook called “Onion Pye,” because the unique ingredients in the dish had me very curious. It was a mixture of apples, potatoes, and you guessed it.. Onions. We had a blast filming this video, and we hope you enjoy it too!

Our trip to Aldi was fun. Dillon got to try out the quarter-cart-release. We picked up some salsas and guacamoles to try. We perused the snack foods looking for some compliant, oil-free treats we could eat that were vegan. There were some fantastic buys that we didn’t need, such as $2.50 potatoes for a ten pound sack. We were excited about a specific type of hash browns we found in the freezer section… but you’ll have to watch the video to see what we end up doing with those! Join us for a little mini haul of vegan, plant-based, and (mostly) healthy Aldi Products.

Did you think quiche was a thing of the past? I used to until I came up with this delicious plant-based quiche recipe. There are a few more steps to this one, but they’re all so easy. You can’t mess this one up! The mixture of polenta and tofu are so delicious with the vegetables and herbs. You won’t even miss the eggs with this one, and it will be sure to please a crowd.

When I think of quesadillas, I’m reminded of that unhealthy garbage I used to eat in a past life. Not anymore! These quesadillas are plant-based, healthy, and even salt, oil, and sugar free! Not only that, but they’re pretty easy too. We did two different quesadillas for this video: a “breakfast” quesadilla with an omelette-y style chickpea filling, and a “dinner” quesadilla with a sweet potato and black bean filling. Both were delicious!

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