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Beans! Legumes! Pulses?! Whatever you like to call them, they're essential ingredients on a whole food, starch-based vegan diet. They're so delicious and nutritious and there are so many varieties of them. These are our five favorite varieties that keep our meals interesting and flavorful throughout the week.

Nothing screams SUMMER quite like the taste of fresh basil. The distinct, aromatic flavor is the perfect blend of sweet, peppery, and pungent (without being overwhelming) and is the star of today’s healthy take on yet another classic dish: Pesto Pasta. We've made a few whole food swaps for the traditional calorically-dense junk food ingredients while keeping all the things we love about this dish intact. This is the healthiest way to enjoy Pesto Pasta in a jiffy!  

We're back with another Top Picks blog and this one is all about our favorite canned food items. Canned food is the equivalent of "fast food" for us whole food plant-based vegans. There are times we just don't want to peel and chop; we'd much rather just open up and pour in! These canned food items are lifesavers for those times.

This is one of our new favorite summertime salads. The mango dressing is so easy; just throw all the ingredients in the blender and it's ready in under a minute. The dressing plus the addition of fresh chopped mangos make this salad a light and sweet treat while the lentils and veggies keep it hearty and satisfying. Perfect for picnics and poolside hangouts this salad will keep you fueled up for Summer fun all the livelong day!

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