YouTube Live Hangouts

We (Reebs and Dillon) love to go live on YouTube a few times each month to hang out with the Well Your World Community. We’ll answer the questions you ask in the chat box and also the ones you email me in advance. You can submit a question anytime by clicking the Contact Us button in the menu above. Sometimes we cook up a random healthy recipe live, other times we are just telling stories and talking about health. It’s a great way to interact with us and so many others who share our same diet and lifestyle. We’d love for you to join us! Watch our most recent replays down below. Catch ‘em before they disappear! To get alerts for future live hangouts, be sure to sign up for our newsletter (bottom of the page).

Camping, FOK, Birthdays, & Weight Loss

September 16, 2021 | Episode 113

We had a really fun time celebrating Reebs' birthday week during the show. We talked about our camping trip as well as our recent mention in the Forks Over Knives cookbook.

Fasting, OMAD, No Chop Recipes, & Brand New Instruments

September 2, 2021 | Episode 112

In today’s episode, we talked about how to cook our famous starch blaster on a stove, or on a propane grill while camping! We also talked about how to transition to WFPB cooking with really easy, no-chop recipe. We talked about OMAD, fasting, and BMI. We also talked about what to do when our loved ones will not join us on the WFPB journey.

Secrets, Easy WFPB Recipes, & A lot of Dancing

August 19, 2021 | Episode 111

We revealed a pretty big secret on today’s live show! You’ll have to catch the replay to hear what it was! We also talked about our plight with our new warehouse and the rain. The hamburgerless helper was a hot topic on this show, and we went over other easy and fast WFPB recipes. Reebs was pretty psychedelic this show as she reveled in her apparent Grace Slick likeness.

Haircuts, Neuroadaptation, and Spicy Food

August 5, 2021 | Episode 110

Today's show we talked all about neuroadaptation to a whole-foods plant-based diet, and some tips and tricks that go along with that. We talked about whether or not it's possible to adjust your tastebuds to spicy foods. We also went on a tangent with a conversation about haircuts and grooming. You just never know what you're going to get with us. We told you about our upcoming Well Your Weekend Salads episode as well as how the new warehouse is coming along. Thanks for watching and enjoy the replay!

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