Cooking Show Replays

Episode 80 - Halloween Spooktacular

What a spooktacular indeed. Reebs dressed us both up once again! First we made a delicious Roasted Cauliflower Brain, served beautifully in an open skull. This is one of my favorite recipes, perfect for any feast! Then we made our brand new Tofuroni, our healthy SOS-free pepperoni knock off. It was really delicious! Then we used the tofuroni to make little Potato Pizza Mummies. Finally we whipped up a really tasty Pumpkin Pie Smoothie that you're gonna love!

Episode 79 - Fast Food!

I used to love those frozen fried taquitos, but wow were they ever health-killers. Today we made delicious, healthy Buffalo Taquitos out of garbanzo beans! We even whipped up a tasty ranch dressing and buffalo sauce to go with. Then we prepped a cheese sauce and some pico and made Taco Bell style Crunchwraps using our homemade red lentil tortillas! Except this version was SOS-free, no added salt, oil, or sugar! We hope you'll love the healthy versions of these fast food favorites!

Episode 78 - Polenta Palooza II

Polenta is so underrated. We made 3 deliciously killer dishes today. First we made polenta from scratch and turned it into a tasty cracker. Then we served up a fantastic Mushroom Tapenade to top the crackers. Next we made a healthy plant based Benedict with a decadent, simple Hollandaise Sauce. And finally we whipped up a tasty Indian curry with chunks of polenta and served it all over rice. These were three of my all-time favorites! Enjoy the polenta!

Episode 77 - Breakfast in Bed II

Breakfast has always been the least interesting meal for me, but these recipes change all that! We made some amazing muffin-sized veggie frittatas, so good. Then we whipped up a white bean veggie scramble, a welcome change from the traditional tofu version. Then we made my famous enchilada sauce, some pico de gallo, and turned it all into healthy vegan chilaquiles. I think you're going to love these recipes!

Episode 76 - Noodle Palooza

Who knew noodles could be so easy!? I loved the three meals we made today. We focused entirely on various types of delicious brown rice noodles. First we made a quick easy Chimichurri Sauce and mixed those with some thin Vietnamese-style noodles. Then we whipped up a really delicious peanut sauce using an SOS-free peanut butter powder; I was blown away with how delicious this sauce was! We built a buddha bowl with black rice noodles, edamame, spring onions, zucchini, cabbage, and good! Finally, we made a simple ramen type soup by blending up a previous recipe of ours, our red curry paste. We hope you love these and add them to your weekly rotation!

Episode 75 - Summer Salad Formulator

These salads were so delicious! On today's show we pretty well designed an entire salad bar and created a few amazing crunchy salads. First we introduced one of Reebs' new favorite grains, sorghum. Then we sautéed up some mushrooms and we used the air fryer to make crispy brown rice ramen noodles to add that perfect crunch to your salad. After that, we created three delicious salad dressings and then threw it all together. We chopped, we tossed, and we dug right in. I hope you're inspired to enjoy more salads in your routine!

Episode 74 - 3rd Birthday Bash!

I can't believe we have already been doing this show for 3 years! We celebrated in style today; first we made a delicious Eggplant Caponata, so easy to throw together. Then we whipped up one of my new favorite dishes, my Ziti-Zagna, perfect for a party! And finally, for the first time ever, Reebs was in the cooking position and baked us a delicious Chocolate Cake. You're going to love these tasty potluck recipes!

Episode 73 - Grillin 'N' Chillin

It's summer, and we grilled...indoors....with the oven. But it was really good! First I made our new favorite salad, a Grilled Asparagus Green Bean Salad, a starchy, wholesome mix with an amazing citrusy mustardy flavor. Then we made a super simple, delicious roasted corn on the cob. And finally, we came up with a Baked Beans recipes that will blow your mind, a fast and easy one-pot delight. Hope you love the new recipes!

Episode 72 - Sliced! A Mystery Meal.

Talk about putting me on the spot, we did the Well Your World version of Chopped today....a new series we called Sliced! We had a nice visit from my mom, who brought over two sets of 5 mystery ingredients and we looked to the chat box for your suggestions on what to do with it all. First, we made an awesome Cheesy Mexican Mystery Bake with sweet potatoes, quinoa, black beans, and our famous cheese sauce made totally from scratch. It was so good! Then we made a surprisingly delectable Asian salad with brown rice vermicelli noodles and tempeh with a creamy coconut milk sauce. We loved this Sliced! show, especially the awesome interaction for our audience!

Episode 71 - Lettuce Cups

These recipes turned out to be some of my favorites on the show; they were so light and crispy! First we made a Curried Chickpea lettuce cup and we topped it with our new Basil Guac, it was so tasty. Next up was the Asian: our Ginger Tempeh lettuce wraps. I loved the flavors from the rice vinegar and lime juice! And our third was a Latin version, our Bean Corn lettuce cup with fresh mango and cilantro, mmm mmm. You're gonna love today's recipes!

Episode 70 - Fancy Tacos!

I think Mexican food will forever be my favorite, and these three delicious tacos will only blow your mind. First we marinated and roasted portobello mushrooms and cut them into strips to make a gorgeous healthy taco. Then we did it all over again with cauliflower, so simple and so tasty. Finally we steeped some hibiscus flowers and saved the leaves to make a third taco, with an awesome chewy texture. And as if that wasn't enough, we roasted chile peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic to make a muy rica molcajete salsa. We even threw together a quick easy slaw to top our tacos.

Episode 69 - Sloppy Joes, Coleslaw & Potato Salad

Are you ready for a picnic or cookout? Well you are now, because we made the most delicious Sloppy Joes, I absolutely loved this simple throw-together meal. The sloppy lentils were perfect, and so tasty with the sautéed peppers and onions. Then we made a creamy tofu dressing perfect for Coleslaw and our groundbreaking Artichoke Potato Salad. These are both great salads to make in big batches and enjoy all week long. Hope you love this episode!