Cooking Show Replays

Episode 110 - Bowl Building Recipes & Tips

Learn how to make a delicious Cuban Rice Bowl in 3 different ways, depending on how much time you have to spend in the kitchen! The recipes included Instant Pot Cuban Rice & Beans that cook to perfection as well as a stovetop version. Next, we made Reebs' Sautéed Shrooms that are so tasty, you will add them to everything. Along with that, we whipped up a refreshing Mango Pico de Gallo and Latin Cabbage Slaw. Don't forget to top your bowl with the Cilantro Cashew Crema!

Episode 109 - 10 Minute Meals

Our 10 Minute Meals have become increasingly popular since we first debuted the series in July. This episode is no different and has even more recipes that won't leave you trapped in the kitchen! The first recipe we whipped up was a hearty and nutritious Indian Chili. Next up, was a delicious and warming One Pot Eggplant Bean Delight. Then, we created deliciously satiating Simple Seasoned Lentils, perfect alone or paired with any dish. Finally, we made a Speedy Black Eyed Peas & Greens can be used in so many ways! Don't get overwhelmed when it comes to cooking, try these 10 Minute Meals!

Episode 108 - Holiday Feast

Enjoy the holidays with these amazing recipes that will surely impress any guest! Don't miss the main course of the feast, our savory Butternut Lasagna Rolls with creamy squash, mushrooms, and kale filling. Then we prepared some perfectly delectable sides including Creamed Spinach and Creamed Sweet Corn, which were so easy to whip up. Last, we made sweet, healthy Date Glazed Carrots in minutes. Try these dishes all year long!

Episode 107 - Easy Indian Food

We have never made Indian food this easy...until now! These recipes are so delicious and simple to throw together you can make them any night! The first recipe we prepared was an Instant Pot set it and forget it Indian Eggplant Stew. Next, we made the most flavorful and bright Fenugreek Potatoes. Then, we threw together a versatile and satiating Black Eyed Pea-laf. The last recipe we created was a perfect and lightly sweetened Carrot Halwa dessert. Enjoy the show!

Episode 106 - Thanksgiving Special

The house was smelling lovely and nostalgic with the flavors and aromas of Thanksgiving! We started out with a very unique dish that will be an instant winner at your next gathering, a cheesy Spaghetti Squash Casserole, with delicious roasted mushrooms and broccoli. We also made Whole Stuffed Pumpkins complete with a wild rice and cranberry stuffing that you could eat all by itself! Then for a quick side dish, we made our Brussels Sprout Hash which is as easy as throwing everything in a pan for a quick sauté. I even showed you the perfect veggie-based mushroom gravy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 105 - Warming Fall Soups

Whether it's a chilly day or you are just in the mood for soup...these Warming Fall Soups are sure to fill you up and leave you feeling great! The first recipe we made was a flavorful Creamy Wild Rice Soup. Next up, we prepared a uniquely delectable Instant Pot Eggplant Stew that blew our minds. Then we showed you our take on the classic sick day meal...a No-Chicken Noodle Soup! The last soup we whipped up was a tasty blended Easy Peas-y Soup. Get your soup pots ready and enjoy!

Episode 104 - Día de los Muertos

These Día de los Muertos Mexican inspired dishes are so good, they should be enjoyed all year long! The first recipe we made was a vibrant and savory zucchini Calabacitas. Then, we made a tasty Enchilada Sauce and a simple Cashew Crema. We put all three of those recipes together to make a unique enchilada lasagna…an Enchilasanga! Next, we whipped up some delicious bite sized Stuffed Jalapeños perfect for an appetizer. Finally, we made a mix between a soup and a stew...a Mexican Pumpkin Stewp, just in time for fall! Hopefully our outfits weren’t too spooky for you!

Episode 103 - Snack Attack

Sit back, relax, put on a movie, and enjoy this amazing spread of snacks! These snacks are also great additions to any meal! The first recipe we made was our Crispy Bean Snack that is amazing on its own, or use it to top salads and more. Next, we whipped up delicious Potato Taquitos that pair perfectly with our Sriracha Aioli sauce or the famous McReebs Sauce. We made Un-fried Zucchini Fritters with the most amazing texture, and finally, we prepared healthy Chocolate Fudgesicles! Enjoy our snack attack!

Episode 102 - Oktoberfest

Get those lederhosen and dirndls ready like Reebs did for this Oktoberfest feast! These recipes are so delectable you'll want to make them all together! The first recipe was a tangy, yet sweet Red Cabbage Slaw along with our brand new German Potato Salad that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Then we prepared a flavorful German Potato Hash that can be spun into so many ideas. Finally, we ended with an Oat Schnitzel made with simple rolled oats that went so well with all of the dishes. Enjoy the feast!

Episode 101 - Brunch

It is time to get your brunch on! But honestly these recipes work all day long! The first recipe we made was a tasty Quinoa Breakfast Bake with mixed berries, it blew my mind. Next, we created a unique Asian-Style Savory Oats along with a comforting Fall Harvest Savory Oats. Last but definitely not least, we created delectable Chickpea Omelets that can be enjoyed in so many ways! We even topped them with PICO. Just be careful to not cut your finger like Dillon did on the show!

Episode 100 - 10 Minute Meals

We made four simple 10 minute meals with no chopping required! We focused on easy-to-find canned and frozen items today. First we made a delicious Mexican Fiesta Chili with charred corn, peppers, onions. Next was a Ratatouille which our viewers forced us to aptly rename Wowatouille, full of flavor and veggies! Then was the Pasta Carbonara, creamy and rich with no need for nuts. Then the grand slam was our delicious Curried Potato Stew, full of starches like chickpeas, potatoes and green peas, you'll love this flavor! Hope you enjoy these easy 10 Minute Meals!

Episode 99 - Blank Canvas Recipes

In this episode we showed you several ways to play with a couple base recipes! First we made a Red and a Green Tamale Pie. The process was practically the same for both, but with different ingredients. You can use whatever you have in the fridge and it will be delicious! It's so much easier than making tamales but you still get all of the same delicious flavors! Then we created three unique and colorful Layered Hummus Dips! The first dip was a Mexican Style with tomatoes and char roasted corn. The second dip was Greek Style with kalamata olives, parsley, balsamic vinegar, and more! The final dip was an Indian Style with roasted chickpeas and cauliflower. These dips are perfect for a meal at home or a fancy party dip!