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Chickpeas are natures blessing for plant-based eaters. They're so delicious and versatile and healthy, so we're sharing our 5 favorite recipes using chickpeas today. Enjoy!

Sweet potatoes are a miracle of nature. The only thing that could make them better is roasting them and loading them up with delicious things for a fast and filling healthy WFPB meal.

January is a great month to get back on track with your healthy habits. We created this customizable challenge for you complete with a free PDF download so you can use the calendar to keep track of your progress. Also, our PDF download comes with a FREE TRIAL to our live interactive cooking show!

Once those chestnuts have been roasted over an open fire, do your next holiday meal a favor by baking them into a healthy and delicious loaf! This Christmas Chestnut Bake provides all the cozy holiday feels without wrecking your healthy diet.

Salad Dressings without the Salt, Oil, & Sugar!?

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Well Your Weekend!

Live Interactive Cooking Show

Breakfast of Champions

Deliciously Healthy Banana Pancakes