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Here at Well Your World all of our products are oil free for a good reason. Simply put, oil is not a health food and causes more harm than good. We limit our intake of oil as much as possible by not using it to cook or bake! This might seem impossible, but with a few tips and tricks you will be sautéing and cooking without oil like a pro!

Potato salad is a dish you are likely to expect at any BBQ, picnic, family gathering, or camping trip. Unfortunately, most potato salad is made with ingredients that are horrible for your health. Luckily, this potato salad recipe is completely salt, oil, and sugar free and only uses whole food plant based ingredients. Impress your family and friends and bring this healthy potato salad to your next potluck!

Sometimes you have days where making a meal just is not possible for a variety of reasons. On a SOS free and whole food plant based diet finding a fast, prepared, and compliant meal is almost impossible. That is why we wanted to go over some of the best options we could find at Trader Joe’s that are plant based and oil free.

You won’t even miss the fish in this Ceviche De Verduras because of all the refreshingly exquisite flavors that will keep you coming back for seconds and thirds! This recipe is completely salt, oil, and sugar free while only using whole food plant based ingredients. This is the perfect appetizer to bring to parties, events, potlucks, and more!

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