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Get ready for a brand new What I Eat in a Day only consists of 20 minute meals! All these recipes can be prepared in under 20 minutes because just like you we don’t like to be in the kitchen all day! Of course everything in this video is plant-based, salt, oil, and sugar-free. First we enjoyed veggie packed Chickpea Omelets. Next, we had one of our favorite and classic recipes, Hamburgerless Helper. Finally, we ended the day with Creamy Broccoli Pesto Pasta. Keep reading for your new favorite recipes!

We absolutely love going on camping trips to escape into nature and get some much needed rest and relaxation. The best part about camping is enjoying delicious and comforting plant-based meals surrounded by the warmth of a campfire. Next time you go camping don’t reach for the processed junk, instead make healthy meals that will leave you satisfied.

We created a tool that will keep you on track even when recipe amnesia sets in hard, it is our Meal Rotator! This guide is packed with information, photos, recipes, and even RECIPE CARDS! Take these cards and tape them to your fridge, pantry, or cupboard. The most important way to combat recipe amnesia is to visualize the recipes, but only a few at a time, and that is exactly what the recipe cards are for.

This recipe will make you feel amazing because not only is it plant-based it is also salt-free, oil-free, and sugar-free. You can prepare this one in less than 10 minutes and it can be used in so many unique ways! Enjoy it on a bed of starch, grains or greens or make it into a delicious wrap!

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