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When it comes to making your own healthy food each day, some days you just need to cut corners and make it easy for yourself. That is why this tasty no-chop, plant-based, and salt, oil, and sugar free Lentil Squash Stew is so amazing! Truly nothing beats a one pot meal that requires you to simply toss everything in and heat it up!

Here by request is a What I Eat In A Day video, and this one involves NO PREP whatsoever because it's how we realistically eat day in and day out. We don't have very much time to food prep or think ahead so we rely on simple, easy meals that we can usually whip up in 10 minutes or less. Between running the business and watching Luka, these meals are a lifesaver! Join us on our day of whole food, plant based eating done simple and easy.

There is truly nothing better than a hearty and delicious one pot meal that requires little prep. This Mexican Charro Beans recipe will be your new whole food plant-based and salt, oil, and sugar free favorite for packed lunches and trips! These beans are so tasty especially topped with fresh pico and enjoyed with homemade tortilla chips, give this one a try today!

Who doesn’t love snacking on granola or adding it to yogurt and smoothie bowls?! Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find a healthy and salt, oil, and sugar free option at the grocery store. That is where we come in! This plant-based and salt, oil, and sugar free granola is so simple to whip up at home and keep on hand for whenever you crave it!

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