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These are Well Your World Famous Oat Clusters.

This is one of my favorite Instant Pot recipes to throw together in a pinch with things I have in my freezer and cupboard! It's so simple and easy, you won't believe how tasty it is. Great as a low-cal snack, you can "starch up" this recipe by adding beans, rice, or potatoes.

While I usually don't eat "breakfast" in the traditional sense of the word, there have been a few times lately where I've been on the go and needed a quick meal I could have grabbed from the fridge to take with me to eat without needing to reheat. So I decided to give overnight oats a try! They are super good and sweetened naturally so there's no added sugar or maple syrup or agave. Recipes listed below!

Salad Dressing without the Salt, Oil, & Sugar!?

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