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Frozen foods are a lifesaver when it comes to saving time in the kitchen especially when you follow a whole food plant based lifestyle. Having chopped veggies and fruits at the ready in your freezer makes it so that we can enjoy “fast food” again. Sure we like to cook from scratch sometimes and enjoy fresh produce, but nothing can beat throwing a few bags of fresh veggies into a pot (or Instant Pot!) with some cans of beans, tomatoes, and spices and calling it a meal. Without further ado.. Here’s our list of 5 (actually, 10!) frozen foods we ALWAYS keep in our freezer, including a free PDF download of our pantry and freezer essentials! 

Oops, we did it again. We tried another TikTok viral video trend, that is. You remember our first viral TikTok experience when we did the highly popular tortilla hack with our own homemade red lentil flatbread tortillas. This time it was the food hack taking over the world: Baked “Feta” Pasta. Inherently not vegan, we sought to not only veganize this viral trend in our own healthy way, but to add an exciting twist to it by doing it in the pressure cooker! What we love about this recipe is it requires zero chopping, you can set it and forget it, and it is deliciously flavorful and fast. 

Mmmm… nachos… Dillon and I BOTH have an affinity for Latin flavors and nachos are no exception. When we do nachos at our house, we go all out. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we did a full nacho spread in our video today that I think will leave most of you drooling! Our toppings included: refried beans, a delicious faux taco “meat,” pico, red salsa, green salsa, Well Your World Cheese Sauce, guacamole, and chopped veggies. Did we go all out or what!? Check out the video and blog to see how we did. 

Ahhh.. pizza. A beloved Friday night splurge enjoyed throughout the world. But that takeout pizza is laden with cholesterol, fat, processed meats, and other garbage. And forget vegan pizza… Most vegan cheeses are just processed oil. So we try to make pizza at home, but all we can find in the grocery store are sauces laden with either sugar or salt or oil. Once you escape sugar, the sauce is salty. Try and find a salt-free product, and it has sugar. You can’t win! Well now you CAN win with Well Your World Pizza Sauce! We featured this sauce in our video in a new way. We love using the whole wheat lavash for quick and tasty pizza, but we wanted to try using a portobella and making mini portobella pizzas! We had never tried it before, but we figured, what could go wrong?! Watch our video to see how it came out! 

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