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The Well Your World YouTube channel started as a way where Dillon could showcase his fast and simple meals, meal techniques, and the benefits of a plant-based diet. Over the years we’ve put out some recipes that have been great for entertaining, picnics, potlucks, parties, and date nights. Today we wanted to share with you our top 5 EASY recipes from our channel. These are our go-to staples, the ones we play on repeat over and over. We don’t ever get sick of these, and they come in great when we’re in a pinch and need a meal fast. We even threw in a couple of bonus recipes for you. Check out our video and blog to learn more!

We took this TikTok tortilla challenge to the next level with our homemade healthy tortilla and tried it 3 different ways. We made a Latin version with Dillon’s favorite: pico! We also made a fancy version with sautéed peppers and onions, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, and hummus. We made a sweet version complete with bananas, strawberries, and homemade chia seed jam. Check out the video to see if this trend really lives up to all the hype! Also check out our recipe for a super easy and fast lentil flatbread that you’ll be using with or without the tortilla hack.

Chickpeas are easily one of the most diverse whole food options out there. I love featuring them as the main component of a recipe because they are deliciously starchy. In this recipe, I celebrate the humble chickpea by squishing them down into delightful discs of flavorsome falafel. My creamy Greek-inspired Tzatziki cuts through this rich blend of spices, making it a dreamy combination with the falafel. This Greek and Middle Eastern-style fusion is fully loaded with spices and fresh herbs, making every mouthful just as delicious as the last. It’s quick and easy to assemble and encourages sharing, making it the perfect centerpiece for hosting dinner guests!

Let’s talk about coffee and caffeine. Is it a health-promoting magical elixir? Is it harmless? Or could it maybe even be detrimental to your health? I know many people on their quest for health and wellness ditch caffeine as part of their whole-food healthy journey, and I can understand why. There are so many coffee alternatives on the market that are delicious and have that same great roasty taste, not to mention all of the delicious herbal teas that you can drink. For those of you looking to ditch coffee or cut back, we put together this video with 5 great alternatives you can try.

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