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Here at Well Your World we strive to make living a plant-based lifestyle free of salt, oil, and sugar simple and accessible to everyone! We have a wide variety of healthy recipes that anyone can make with little effort and time. What makes our recipes even better is that many of them are perfect for weight loss. If you are looking for the best tasting, easiest, and fastest recipes for weight loss, then you are in the right place!

Ditch the boring and unfulfilling salads for this Sheet Pan Veggie Salad that is packed with flavor and will keep you satisfied all day long. Since this recipe is completely whole food plant-based and salt-free, oil-free, and sugar-free, you don’t need to worry about all the oil weighing you down like in traditional salads. Enjoy this on its own or on a bed of spinach, kale, arugula, or lettuce!

Tired of boring, flavorless salads with the same ingredients? Luckily, we have three simple and satisfying salad recipes that will excite your taste buds. These salads only use whole food plant-based ingredients, and are free of salt, oil, and sugar. Enjoy these healthy salads that will leave you feeling amazing instead of weighed down by salt, oil, and sugar!

Get ready for a brand new What I Eat in a Day only consists of 20 minute meals! All these recipes can be prepared in under 20 minutes because just like you we don’t like to be in the kitchen all day! Of course everything in this video is plant-based, salt, oil, and sugar-free. First we enjoyed veggie packed Chickpea Omelets. Next, we had one of our favorite and classic recipes, Hamburgerless Helper. Finally, we ended the day with Creamy Broccoli Pesto Pasta. Keep reading for your new favorite recipes!

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