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It has been a few weeks since we have done a full What I Eat in a Day that is plant-based, salt, oil, and sugar-free! Today will be showing you what we eat on a normal day when we have some prepped ingredients. While we don’t personally batch cook our recipes, having batch prepped ingredients like potatoes, rice, lentils, and beans is great to have on hand! First, we make some of the easiest and healthiest pancakes with a berry compote. Then, we prepare some unique takes on classic dishes like stuffed peppers and samosas! You are going to love these recipes, try them as soon as you can!

This scramble is unlike any scramble you’ve seen before, that’s because it is made up of veggies, greens, and beans! This whole food plant-based and salt-free, oil-free, and sugar-free recipe makes the most amazing savory breakfast, brunch, or even dinner if you are like us. Just chop a few things, add to a pot, toss it onto the stove, and you are eating in no time!

You all are loving these videos so we are back with another What I Eat in a Day! Today we are going to show you what a normal day of eating looks like for us during the week. This video is for those who are often tempted by take out food! First, we make smoothies for breakfast to load up on all the nutrients we need for the day. Then, we prepare healthy, plant-based, and salt, oil, and sugar free versions of restaurant classics. You are definitely going to love these recipes, so say goodbye to unhealthy and expensive take out!

You really enjoyed our last What I Eat in a Day video, so we're back with another video to show you the REALISTIC way we eat during a busy workweek while also taking care of a baby! Most of these meals don't need to be thought of ahead of time and require zero meal prep, and can be made in 10 minutes! Some even with pantry/freezer items only! Check out the video and the blog for the recipes!

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