YouTube Live Hangouts

We (Reebs and Dillon) love to go live on YouTube a few times each month to hang out with the Well Your World Community. We’ll answer the questions you ask in the chat box and also the ones you email me in advance. You can submit a question anytime by clicking the Contact Us button in the menu above. Sometimes we cook up a random healthy recipe live, other times we are just telling stories and talking about health. It’s a great way to interact with us and so many others who share our same diet and lifestyle. We’d love for you to join us! Watch our most recent replays down below. Catch ‘em before they disappear! To get alerts for future live hangouts, be sure to sign up for our newsletter (bottom of the page).

Live Hangout THIS Thursday

July 18, 2024 | Episode 180

We are going LIVE this Thursday on YouTube at 4PM PDT for a Well Your World Hangout! Join us with your questions, stories, and camaraderie as we tell you stories and update you on news and products.

The Power of Community - Live Hangout!

July 4, 2024 | Episode 179

On today's hangout we had a such a good time! Throughout the show we discussed the importance of community in different aspects. We even included some giveaways as a way to say "thanks" to this amazing community we have! Enjoy the show!

Non-Compliant Family Members, Forget About Nutrients, & Slipping Up

June 20, 2024 | Episode 178

This hangout got a little Plantrant-y! First we talked about having non-compliant family members and how to go about it. We even shared recipes that Worldlings have told us their non-compliant family members enjoy. Then we discussed nutrients and how nutrient chasing can be problematic. We ended the show with a conversation about slipping up. Remember, nobody is perfect!

Snacking, Being Overwhelmed, & Simplicity

June 6, 2024 | Episode 177

On today's hangout the conversation was absolutely flowing! First we discussed snacks and why eliminating them isn't always necessary. We also talked about being overwhelmed especially with the plethora of information available about a plant based lifestyle. Finally to tie it all together we touched on simplicity and why it is so important to staying on track. Enjoy the show!

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