Cooking Show Replays

Episode 17 - Stuffed Bell Peppers

These stuffed bell peppers were so simple and incredibly delicious! I made enough to eat for two days straight. We made two versions, a Mexican version and a delicious Indian curry version. Both are certain to be a family favorite, so you’ll surely want to add them to your weekly recipe rotation. Enjoy!

Episode 16 - Burgers And Fries

Finally a burger that is not mush in the middle, doesn’t fall apart, and can be as dry or as moist as you like it. These bean burgers were delicious! We spiced them up with some no-salt seasoning and curry powder but you can use any number of spices such as Italian seasoning, poultry seasoning, on and on. They freeze well and can be grilled or baked. Hope you enjoy the burgers and fries!

Episode 15 - The Caribbean Sauce

I wanted to reveal my delicious Caribbean sauce to my live show subscribers, and I think you’ll like it! As with all my sauces, you can mix it with just about everything! We did it with garbanzo beans, onions, and green chili (or green bell pepper), and we also tried it on top of cauliflower and cabbage steaks. This sauce makes a fantastic marinade as well!

Episode 14 - Lasagna

Lasagne is as simple as making a marinara sauce, a little cashew ricotta, and stacking it all together. It’s a recipe that looks much harder to create than it actually is, so anyone can throw this together with minimal cooking skills. As always, we did it SOS free, and it was totally delicious! I took mine to a dinner party and received many compliments, and I think you will too.

Episode 13 - Lentil Soup & Chickpea Salad

I wanted to make two of my favorite big batch recipes to help those participating in the Well Your World 30 Day Challenge and anyone who wants to keep a clean environment stocked with delicious healthy food. These two dishes were excellent as always and keep very well in the fridge. Make them in massive batches and eat them all week!

Episode 12 - Green & Red Tamales

A favorite holiday tradition is the annual tamale cook that happens at my house. This is probably one of the fancier meals I will make all year. But we will break down the process so it is nice and simple, prep the sauce, prep the filling, prep the masa dough, and put it all together. It may take a little practice, but it's well worth it!

Episode 11 - Holiday Dips

With these delicious dips, you will be well-equipped for all of your upcoming holiday parties. They are quick and easy to make, and they are sure to please them all! We also had a nice discussion about exercise and calories during the can't outrun your mouth! Hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode 10 - Four Holiday Dishes

With the holidays coming, I wanted to make sure you had a few SOS free recipe ideas ready to go! We made a delicious Brussels Sprout and Kale Salad with Citrus-ette Dressing, a blended Butternut Squash Potato Soup, a Corn Edamame Succotash, and an Apple Sweet Potato Bake that could serve as a side or a dessert. I think you and the family will really enjoy these dishes! I have written out the recipes so you have quick access to those as well.

Episode 9 - Masala Curry Sauce

In this episode we make one of my favorite new sauces from the upcoming cookbook, the masala curry sauce. We'll also use that sauce to make chana masala (chickpeas and sauce) and aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower with sauce). I hope you'll try this sauce out in your own kitchen and let me know what you think!

Episode 8 - Enchiladas

They may look fancy and complex, but anyone can make these super simple SOS free enchiladas. I'll show you how to throw together a delicious enchilada sauce from dried chilis, sauté your favorite mix of veggies, and put it all together with homemade tortillas, pico, and cheese sauce. This dish is awesome for dinner parties and potlucks too!

Episode 7 - Waffle Iron Potatoes

Waffle iron potatoes are as simple as cooking up a batch of potatoes in the Instant Pot and sending them to the waffle iron for a delicious crispy finish. Then throw on your favorite toppings and you have quick, healthy meal. My favorite is beans, cheese sauce, and pico!

Episode 6 - Knife Sharpening

Maintaining your knives means you'll always enjoy your food prep experience. I will show you how simple it is to sharpen your knives in this knife sharpening introduction. These tools are a worthwhile investment and will last you for many years.