Cooking Show Replays

Episode 145 - 10 Minute Meals

Get those timers out because you’ll be shocked by how delicious these no-chop 10 Minute Meals are! We started off the show with our creamy Hearty-Choke Sandwich complete with artichokes and white beans. Then we moved on to our veggie-filled Microwave Fried Rice, great anytime but perfect for a hotel room meal. Don’t miss out on the easiest sushi you’ve ever rolled, our Sushirrito (sushi and burrito hybrid) with a seasoned tofu filling ready in minutes. Stuffed peppers take took long, so we designed a microwaved Stuffed Pepper Bowl, another perfect travel recipe when supplies are limited. Get creative with these dishes and transform them into your perfect go-to 10 minute meals!

Episode 144 - Sizzle and Salsa

This show is all about the Sizzle and Salsa, our spin on Mexican-style grilling! We kicked off the show with our amazing Not Your Average Fruit Salad including grilled melon, peaches, and pineapple that explode with flavor in every bite. Our next recipe was a refreshing, veggie-packed Grilled Corn Salad that is going to be a crowd pleaser. We finished strong with a most delicious Sizzlin' Portobello & Poblano Tacos topped with a Quick Cabbage Slaw and a zesty Fire Roasted Red Salsa that has the perfect amount of kick. Make these recipes at your next cookout and everyone will want a bite! And if you don't have a grill, you can make these recipes in your kitchen like we did on the show!

Episode 143 - The Perfect Lunch

We combined multiple recipes to make a satisfying Assembly Lunch Bowl complete with grains, legumes, veggies, and greens! First we showed our method for making the Perfect Brown Rice every time. For an added boost of satisfying starch we made Easy Saucy Lentils that were so flavorful. Then we roasted seasonal vegetables for a savory Summer Sheet Pan and debuted our new Walnut Pesto Dressing that is to die for! Finally, we put it all together into a simple Chopped Salad. You have not had The Perfect Lunch, until you try these recipes.

Episode 142 - Italian Fusion

Enjoy a taste of Italy's comforting cuisine on our Italian Fusion show! No Italian meal is complete without a delicious, hearty bowl full of Mangia Minestrone. And nothing pairs better with soup than a refreshing Roasted Chickpea Orzo Salad, perfect for summer picnics! Of course we ended with a bang and made our creamy and not too spicy Chipotle Pasta! Try these recipes on their own or together for the perfect Italian spread.

Episode 141 - Travel & School Lunch

Don't settle for boring paper bag lunches, when you can make delectable Travel & School Lunches! Instead of raw veggies in your lunch, pack our Roasted Crudité along with our creamy and flavorful Secret Veggie Sauce for dipping. Then make fast and travel-friendly English Muffin Pizzas complete with a delicious Tofu Pepperoni. Next you will definitely want to try Tami's Falafels that are so quick and easy to whip up. These falafels are delicious on their own or in a wrap, salad, or burger! We finished the show with our Sweet Potato Quesadillas that have the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Try these recipes the next time you need to pack a lunch!

Episode 140 - Soy Curls!

Step into a world of kitchen creativity as this cooking show transforms simple Soy Curls into three savory and flavorful meals! Impress your friends and family with our creamy No Butter Chicken that blooms with traditional Indian flavors. Next up is our Deconstructed Cabbage Roll Casserole that is so much easier to prepare than traditional cabbage rolls but with all of the deliciousness you remember. And for fans of Mexican cuisine, our Soy Curl Asada and Taco Bowl is going to become your new favorite, especially when paired with Cheese Sauce and Refried beans. Give these recipes a try and you will see why Soy Curls are such an amazing ingredient!

Episode 139 - Assembly Meals

There is no better way to prepare food at home than versatile Assembly Meals! Quickly whip up the most flavorful Indian Veggie Sheet Pan along with our Starchy Sheet Pan full of sweet potatoes, tofu, and black beans. Don't miss our new Creamy Italian Dressing and zesty Lemony Lentil Hummus that will elevate any meal. Combine all of these recipes to make a variety of meals including Nourish Bowls, Pasta, Salads, Stuffed Pitas, and Loaded Baked Potatoes, we did them all on the show! Try them for yourself and see how Assembly Meals make it faster and easier to stick to your healthy diet.

Episode 138 - Easter

Spring has sprung, just in time for these Easter and Spring inspired recipes! Start off your celebration with the Easter Oatmeal Bake, a perfect brunch treat that takes just minutes to prepare. Then, whip up our creamy Crabless Salad; you’ll love the hearts of palm! For your main course, enjoy a starchy Primavera Pilaf complete with rice, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas. Don’t miss Reebs’ refreshingly delicious Pineapple Cucumber Agua Fresca. These recipes are sure to put a spring in your step!

Episode 137 - Mushroom Madness

Calling all mushroom lovers for Mushroom Madness recipes! For a creamy and rustic pasta recipe, you need to try the Mushroom Boscaiola. Next on the show was a hearty dish of chickpeas and potatoes, our Mushroom Cacciatore! And you are going to love how simple it is to whip up the flavorful Mushroom Rice Casserole using simple instant brown rice. We hope you love these recipes as mush as we do!

Episode 136 - Brunch & Mocktails

There is nothing better than a weekend filled with Brunch & Mocktails, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a Southern Comfort Brunch with a refreshing glass of Reebsberry Shrub! Atop a bed of creamy Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Greens you will find a perfectly crispy Southern Fried Portobello drizzled with a flavorful Country Gravy. But that's not all...on top of all that is perfectly seasoned Blackened Tofu that completes the dish. If you have room for dessert, enjoy a creamy and cozy Sweet Potato Latte. Now that's how you Brunch!

Episode 135 - Game Day Grub

It isn't Superbowl Sunday without Game Day Grub! Kick off your football party with delicious quinoa broccoli bites, also known as Cheesy Broctatas. And make sure no one is tackling each other to get a taste of the crispy Onion Rings. You will definitely score a touchdown with your friends and family as soon they dip crunchy, homemade Crackers into a flavorful Pizza Dip complete with Tofu Ricotta. Football fan or not, you need to try these tasty, simple appetizers!

Episode 134 - Deconstructed Recipes

Save time with simplified Deconstructed Recipes that taste even better than the traditional laborious version! Tamales might take awhile, but you can have all of the flavors of a tamale in our comforting Tamale Bowl. If Cabbage Rolls bring you nostalgia, then you will love a bowl of satisfying Cabbage Roll Soup, complete with lentils and rice. And you will definitely feel lucky when you see how easy it is to make Deconstructed Shepherd's Pie!