Cooking Show Replays

Episode 54 - Big Batch Meal Prep!

Another great show for the books! If you are one of those people who achieve lifestyle and diet simplicity by keeping organized, then you'll love these handy meal prep ideas. We made various a la carte items including our brand new signature Well Your World Red Lentil Chili! We also prepped baked sweet potatoes, roasted chickpeas, sautéed mushrooms, hummus, and greens. ​Make all of these in big batch quantities and you'll be ready for a great week of eating, including wraps, chili w/ greens, salads, and layered sweet potatoes!

Episode 53 - Fast Easy Meal Techniques

This episode was all about throw-together meals. First we made my Instant Pot Baked Ziti, which you're really going to love. Just throw everything in the pot and fire it up. Then we revealed Reebs' brand new Soup'r Stew Formulator which we think will really help you come up with quick meal ideas all week long. On top of that, Reebs made you a Nourish Bowl Formulator that works the same but for delicious buddha bowls. So we threw together a couple of those to show you how it all works, and then we finished the show with our new Trader Joe's Wrap which was so delicious. Enjoy the show!

Episode 52 - Indian Food

This spicy episode was jam-packed with flavorful and delicious Indian dishes. We made a fermented batter for savory dosa flatbreads with a delicious filling. We threw some ingredients in the instant pot for our sambar stew, a delicious Indian soup. We made a mushroom curry that had a secret ingredient - fox nuts - to give it a roasted, fluffy texture. We threw together a palak tofu as well, with a spinach sauce, which was beautifully green and delicious. To tie it all together we whipped up a mint chutney to top all of the dishes, which tasted as good as I remember it from the restaurant!

Episode 51 - Greek Delights!

We packed a lot into this episode, and I'm glad we did! We made delicious lemony Greek potatoes with tons of oregano and garlic. They were amazing! Then we moved on to Pastitsio, a delicious earthy Greek version of lasagne topped with a cauliflower Bechamel. Next up: Dolmades from scratch! They melt in your mouth, they were so good. We even made a little Tzatziki that paired perfectly with the potatoes and dolmades. And as if all that wasn't enough, we also made a signature Greek lemon rice soup that was a delight!

Episode 50 - Breakfast in Bed!

What a celebration for our 50th episode! We made three delicious breakfast dishes, starting with a stunningly tasty Carrot Oat Muffin...make sure there are people around so you don't eat them all yourself like I did! Then we made our savory San Francisco Oats complete with spinach and smoky mushrooms. And finally, we nailed our chocolatey, fruity crepes on the magic electric griddle. Then, to top it all off, I served it up to Reebs for a proper Breakfast In Bed!. You'll love these healthy breakfast favorites!!

Episode 49 - Hot Weather Hotties

We started with a delicious tofu chickpea cheese ball, great for dipping fresh veggies or fries! Then we made an AMAZING curry pea dip; this is one of the best dips I have enjoyed in quite some time. We also revealed Dill's Delectable Dill Dip, a tasty white bean and dill dipping sauce. Then we made some simple hasselback potatoes, complete with a nifty slicing hack. We topped the potatoes with the various dips, mmmm. We also made a nice light lemon poppy seed dressing that we drizzled over a summery spinach salad. Finally, as if all that wasn't enough, we made some Cherob nice cream, that is...cherry carob nice cream, an excellent caffeine free substitute for chocolate. Enjoy the replay!

Episode 48 - Summer Favorites

What a delicious episode this was! We began with a tasty lentil mango salad served in grilled zucchini boats. I loved the mix of sweet and savory! Then we made a rich basil pesto pasta topped with fresh tomatoes and pine nuts. From there, I received some heavy teasing from the group for grilling on my electric griddle...we made yet another mix of sweet and savory with our mushroom sweet potato burgers. Finally, we pulled out the popsicle molds and made some red, white, and blueberry popsicles with strawberry, coconut, blueberries and a subtle summery zest of lime. Hope you enjoy the replay!

Episode 47 - Chinese Takeout

Another winner! We made delicious battered and coated Orange Cauliflower that we served with steamed veggies and rice. Then we used the magical non-stick griddle to make Eggless Egg Foo Young. I still can't get over how great the electric griddle is for our way of eating. We topped the Egg Foo Young with a tasty Asian-themed mushroom gravy. Next up we made Eggless Egg Rolls using brown rice paper wrappers. These crisped up so nicely in the air fryer. It was a busy episode with great interaction!

Episode 46 - Tapas!

Our shows are getting better and better every weekend, thanks to the awesome interaction! Spanish tapas are notoriously greasy, so we put a healthy spin on four favorites. The Patatas Bravas were crisped up in the air fryer and topped with a delicious bell pepper sauce. Our Champiñones al Ajillo (garlic mushrooms) were sautéed to perfection and burst in your mouth. Then we baked up artichoke hearts with plump cherry tomatoes, yet another winner. And finally, the chilled gazpacho, called Salmorejo, was simple, light, and delicious. You won't want to miss these four fantastic Spanish tapas!

Episode 45 - Picnic Party

We had fun bringing you with us on this living room picnic complete with frisbee and bocce ball, but we had to draw the line at flying the sport kite indoors. Today we made my delicious mushroom walnut pate along with a creamy smoked hummus and served those up with some blanched cauliflower and broccoli, red bell pepper, and carrots for dipping. Then we made my creamy chickpea salad and smeared it over a delicious roasted sweet potato. It also made for a tasty sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Reebs and I had to remake the chickpea salad and walnut pate because we devoured them so quickly and forgot to take photos! Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 44 - Game of Rolls

What a blast we had rolling SUSHI and SPRING ROLLS. This episode was highly requested for years and I finally mustered up the courage to show off my unskilled rolling technique. We made brown rice sushi rolls with cucumber, avocado, asparagus, daikon radish, roasted sweet potato, and taro. And I didn't even make that much of a fool of myself! Then we did the spring rolls with brown rice paper and brown rice ramen noodles which worked perfectly. We stuffed them with lettuce, cilantro, basil, mint, bell pepper, carrot, scallions, tofu, and red cabbage. We went a little long but we even had time for MANGO STICKY RICE!

Episode 43 - Easter A La Quarantine

We really enjoyed this Easter a la Quarantine episode. The interaction was a lot of fun! We created a Well Your World version of Hot Dish that I can only imagine was a thousand times more delicious than the traditional tater tot with canned cream of mushroom soup version. One of our Live Cooking Show members sent us a delicious Creamed Spinach recipe, complete with a tasty cashew sauce, which did not disappoint. And we finished off our Easter feast with a carrot birds nest dessert!