Cooking Show Replays

Episode 47 - Chinese Takeout

Another winner! We made delicious battered and coated Orange Cauliflower that we served with steamed veggies and rice. Then we used the magical non-stick griddle to make Eggless Egg Foo Young. I still can't get over how great the electric griddle is for our way of eating. We topped the Egg Foo Young with a tasty Asian-themed mushroom gravy. Next up we made Eggless Egg Rolls using brown rice paper wrappers. These crisped up so nicely in the air fryer. It was a busy episode with great interaction!

Episode 46 - Tapas!

Our shows are getting better and better every weekend, thanks to the awesome interaction! Spanish tapas are notoriously greasy, so we put a healthy spin on four favorites. The Patatas Bravas were crisped up in the air fryer and topped with a delicious bell pepper sauce. Our Champiñones al Ajillo (garlic mushrooms) were sautéed to perfection and burst in your mouth. Then we baked up artichoke hearts with plump cherry tomatoes, yet another winner. And finally, the chilled gazpacho, called Salmorejo, was simple, light, and delicious. You won't want to miss these four fantastic Spanish tapas!

Episode 45 - Picnic Party

We had fun bringing you with us on this living room picnic complete with frisbee and bocce ball, but we had to draw the line at flying the sport kite indoors. Today we made my delicious mushroom walnut pate along with a creamy smoked hummus and served those up with some blanched cauliflower and broccoli, red bell pepper, and carrots for dipping. Then we made my creamy chickpea salad and smeared it over a delicious roasted sweet potato. It also made for a tasty sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Reebs and I had to remake the chickpea salad and walnut pate because we devoured them so quickly and forgot to take photos! Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 44 - Game of Rolls

What a blast we had rolling SUSHI and SPRING ROLLS. This episode was highly requested for years and I finally mustered up the courage to show off my unskilled rolling technique. We made brown rice sushi rolls with cucumber, avocado, asparagus, daikon radish, roasted sweet potato, and taro. And I didn't even make that much of a fool of myself! Then we did the spring rolls with brown rice paper and brown rice ramen noodles which worked perfectly. We stuffed them with lettuce, cilantro, basil, mint, bell pepper, carrot, scallions, tofu, and red cabbage. We went a little long but we even had time for MANGO STICKY RICE!

Episode 43 - Easter A La Quarantine

We really enjoyed this Easter a la Quarantine episode. The interaction was a lot of fun! We created a Well Your World version of Hot Dish that I can only imagine was a thousand times more delicious than the traditional tater tot with canned cream of mushroom soup version. One of our Live Cooking Show members sent us a delicious Creamed Spinach recipe, complete with a tasty cashew sauce, which did not disappoint. And we finished off our Easter feast with a carrot birds nest dessert!

Episode 42 - Quarantine Cookery

We were so happy to have all the newbies and regulars on the show today for our Quarantine Cookery! We started out with dessert because…why not! When I was visiting with Chef AJ she sent me home with a few of her jam bars so I had to try them on the show. Then we went on to two pantry food recipes: “Hamburger” Helper and Potatoes Enchilatoes. The No Help For Hamburger recipe is just as easy and fast as the original but definitely much healthier! The Enchilatoes were thrown together with whatever frozen veggies we had on hand plus a few pantry potatoes. Everything turned out really tasty!

Episode 41 - St. Paddy’s Day

The luck of the Irish was with us today as I was lucky enough to have my mom as a live guest on this week’s show! We had a lot of fun making an Irish stew, a super green and super delicious mashed potato colcannon, and an Irish soda bread we baked in the InstantPot! We finished the show off with our dessert mocktail, a veganized and healthy Shamrock Shake that was amazingly minty and refreshing. We had fun chatting about everyone’s favorite kitchen gadgets and brainstorming ideas for our picnic foods show. It was a great time as always. Hope you enjoy the recipes and replay!

Episode 40 - Thai Food

We were dancing up a storm on this week’s episode! Blender dancing, that is. We blended up a Thai red curry paste that served as the base for our three dishes: a green papaya salad, an easy Tom Yum soup, and a Thai red coconut curry. We froze the extra curry paste in ice cube trays so we can whip up any one of these meals whenever we get that Thai-food craving. I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I’m leaning toward the green papaya salad. That chili lime dressing is SO good! Hope you enjoy the replay and our sick dance moves!

Episode 39 - Valentine’s Day

What a romantic valentine’s day show! We made a light salad, stuffed tomatoes, and a brownie batter hummu, all with a heart <3 theme. I had to call in Reebs for help with some of the decorating, but everything turned out great! We didn’t tell any embarrassing date stories, but we talked about our favorite appliances, and I’m pretty sure I was convinced during the show to purchase a Breville air fryer. Enjoy the replay!

Episode 38 - Super Bowl Party

Things were poppin’ in this latest episode, and I don’t just mean the jalapeño poppers! We had a full spread of snacks to serve up for the Superb Owl party: the poppers, cauliflower bites, a 7-layer dip, taquitos, AND we made not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sauces to go along with it. I showed off my recent paint night canvas so you can judge my skills as an artist - both with my painting and with my food plating skills. We went a little long but we packed 8 recipes into this show. GOALLL!!! I mean, TOUCHDOWN! Check out the replay below!

Episode 37 - Fancy Latin Fare

This was one of my favorite trios of recipes so far! We went a bit long, but it was fun the whole time. The first time I made the Ceviche de Verduras was here live, and I am pleased to say it came out super delicious. I loved the cauliflower and radish. The Chiles Rellenos were super tasty, nothing beats the flavor of roasted poblanos! And our Tres Leches cake was one of a kind, we invented this for the show and it was totally awesome! Enjoy the meal!

Episode 36 - Holiday Feast

We pulled off a delicious holiday meal today! First we made the tasty Jingle Balls, our version of a bread-free stuffing ball. We topped that with a delicious apple-cranberry relish, sweet and tart mmmm. We paired that dish with a holiday-flavored Root Vegetable Hash and a creamy broccoli cauliflower Holiday Lights Salad with grapes and cranberries. I love this meal and plan to make it again for our holiday feast! Enjoy the show!