Cooking Show Replays

Episode 34 - Holiday Desserts

I’m officially a dessert chef! Just kidding. But this one did go pretty well. We made some delicious Hygge Apples, you’ll see what I mean when you watch the replay. Then we made a tasty cookie with chocolate and coconut on top, followed by a strawberry cheesecake complete with fresh strawberries. I do not make desserts very often, but when I do, I like them leaning toward the healthy side even if they are still rather calorie dense, thanks to the nuts. These were SOS free, sweetened with dates rather than processed sugar! Enjoy the show!

Episode 33 - Finger Food

This was a jam-packed show! We made delicious, savory meatloaf bites topped with Well Your World ketchup and BBQ sauce. Then we made mashed potato stuffed mushrooms with cheese sauce, baked to perfection. Next we put together a delicious potato salad and stuffed that into some fresh baby bell peppers. Finally, we made a quick green onion hummus with turmeric for color and jammed that into some potatoes to make deviled red potatoes. Everything was super tasty and fun and easy to make! Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 32 - Chili & Cornbread

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to make chili! This one was super delicious; those two secret spice ingredients really made the dish. And the cornbread was awesome too! I loved the diced jalapeño in there. I’ll be putting these in our first cookbook for sure. Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 31 - Fall Flavors

Today’s show was super good…I ate a couple more portions afterward! Since I couldn’t decide between a potato leek soup or a cauliflower soup, we combined them both and the result was excellent! Then we roasted and stuffed some very tasty acorn squash with a mix of quinoa, cranberries, pecans, and veggies. I loved the fall flavors! Finally, we gave my brand new sweet mustard salad dressing a tasting with some mixed greens to round it all out, and yes the dressing is ready for prime time!

Episode 30 - Party Food

We made three winners today! The marinated carrot dogs were delicious and would definitely be a fun addition to any party. The spinach artichoke dip was nice and creamy and I loved the addition of the roasted red pepper. Finally, the stuffed jalapeños were definitely my favorite, and so so easy to throw together. Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 29 - Soy Yogurt

I had fun showing you my very own scratch soy yogurt method. If you follow these exact steps you will have perfect soy yogurt every single time! All it takes is whole dry soybeans and some starter culture. I'll show you how to blend it up with some berries and dates to give it that perfect sweetness, and of course it's delicious with homemade granola too!

Episode 28 - Nachos & Tostadas

This morning’s live cooking show was pretty fun! We brought it today and went a little long…nachos and tostadas, with real food only. So yes, you can still eat Mexican food and avoid heart disease, obesity, T2 diabetes and more…all at the same time! We marinated some soy curl crumbles and shredded jackfruit, made refried beans, tomatillo salsa, nacho cheese, sour cream, and all the necessities too….pico, guac, peppers & onions. I think I had you at hello.

Episode 27 - Falafel Pita Party

And what a falafel party it was! We falafeled like nobody’s business, which I just learned this week. Then we nailed the tzatziki which I came up with just last night. Then we crushed the pita which I only finally figured out how to make this morning. So it has been a heck of learning week for me, but what else would you expect from a professional chef like myself, haaaa. This was a fun show, and the meal was super delicious and very simple. Absolutely no chef skills were required, I promise. We ran out of time to make the salad version, but yes this would be amazing on a bed of lettuce, spinach, and arugula, mmmmm.

Episode 26 - Eggplant Cannelloni

I love this melt-in-your-mouth eggplant cannelloni. The mashed potato corn filling gives it a delicious creaminess, and the simple red sauce is the perfect topper, along with those sautéed garlicy greens. This dish requires a few simple steps but will blow their minds. Totally SOS-free with some really nice robust, rich flavors. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 25 - Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes & Caesar Salad

This was simple and delicious! We baked up some sweet potatoes and roasted chickpeas with a few different herbs and spices. Then we made a delicious garlic herb sauce with dill followed by a parsley tomato pico, and threw them both over the sweet potatoes. And since that was apparently not enough, we paired that with a super tasty Caesar salad! Great interaction, this was a fun show!

Episode 24 - Veggie Polenta Quiche

I think this was the fanciest thing I have ever made on the show, an SOS-free quiche for BRUNCH! Wow, it’s almost like I’m a real chef, very funny. There were a few parts to this one, but each one was super simple, no fancy skills required. We had fun with some new people, so I told my health and entrepreneur story. I really enjoyed the interaction, and the quiche was totally delicious! Hope you’ll enjoy it with me!

Episode 23 - Egyptian Koshari

Officially one of my favorites after my very first attempt! We started with an earthy Baharat spice blend to build the delicious red sauce. We steamed up some kale and zucchini, topped it with a mix of starches, threw on the sauce, and finished it off with some crispy oil-free onions and cilantro microgreens! This sauce was so fast and delicious, it could go on anything.