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Mmm.. salsa. I love salsa as a condiment to put on top of whatever I'm eating, whether it be beans and rice, a salad, a starch blaster, you name it. Salsa is delicious, and these 3 are no exception.

You might think stuffed bell peppers are a hassle, but they are really pretty easy! There's a couple tricks you can use to get them to be soft and delicious instead of raw and hard when they come out of the oven. I love these healthy vegan stuffed bell peppers because they're colorful and you can stuff them in so many ways. We did two oil-free versions: Mexican and Indian, and you can check out our recipes below!

If you're looking for another healthy, oil-free recipe that sounds really fancy but it's very easy to put together, you've got to try my paella. It's got all these delicious veggies, a boatload of brown rice, and some tasty spices. This seemingly fancy dish is as simple as set it & forget it as it cooks in the pan.

Enchiladas can seem overwhelming to put together but they are actually so easy! It's as easy as blending together a quick sauce, sautéing the fillings, rolling, and baking. Check out this video to see how we make vegan red enchiladas, green enchiladas, layered enchiladas, and rolled enchiladas all plant-based and without oil!

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