Live Cooking Show Membership


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Our Upcoming Live Cooking Shows:

  • Friday, April 26, 12PM PDT
  • Friday, May 10, 12PM PDT 
  • Friday, May 24, 12PM PDT 

What does the membership include?

  • 2 Entertaining LIVE Cooking Shows Every Month
    • Exclusive access to new Well Your World recipes
    • 3+ new recipes on each show
    • 4 Camera Angles + Exceptional Audio
    • Downloadable PDF Recipes + Video Replays
    • 100% Plant Based + SOS-Free (no added salt, oil, or sugar)
  • 10% Discount on All Products in Our Store
    • Including food, cookbooks, apparel, and bundles 
    • Works during your free trial
  • Live Interaction!
    • Watch Dillon cook several recipes unedited from start to finish
    • Ask Dillon & Reebs questions live
    • Cooking tips and tricks for every dish
    • Interactive live chat with our community
  • On-Demand Access to ALL Previous Shows
    • Video replays for every show
    • Downloadable PDF Recipes just like a cookbook
    • Hundreds of recipes and ideas

How it works: 

  • Purchase this item to subscribe
  • $15 billed automatically every month
  • No contract - Cancel anytime

Why You Should Join Us!

Improving your health through diet and lifestyle takes time and patience, and even once you have committed, it can be pretty tough to stick to on your own! For many of us, the missing link is that extra bit of community, a place to hang out with like-minded people making healthy, simple meals.

In these live, interactive cooking shows, you'll get my signature style, a laid back approach to cooking that focuses on SIMPLICITY, not showing off a bunch of fancy cooking skills and techniques. I am not a chef, and you don't need to be either!

During our live broadcasts, Reebs and Dillon cook, answer questions, laugh and carry on with all of our members in the chat box. The shows are customized especially for you, based on your requests and feedback. And if you ever miss an episode you'll have access to the replays and recipes for every single show!

Whether you are brand new to this lifestyle, have been struggling on and off for a while, or are a seasoned veteran looking for ongoing support and camaraderie, our live shows will keep you on track, engaged, and committed to your health-promoting routine. I hope to see you on the next episode!