Live Online Cooking Demo Saturday 6/16/18 10:00AM

$29.00 $5.00

Live interactive cooking demo to include:

  • One hot recipe, details will come via email in case you want to cook along
  • One salad recipe, details by email too
  • Multiple camera angles and close ups so you can see it all
  • Detailed knife skills description as we cook
  • Quick knife sharpening discussion if you want it
  • Ongoing Q&A the whole time, this is 100% interactive (I will leave this open-ended for our first time together)
  • Maximum 20 people so you will get lots of 1-on-1 time
  • 90 minutes, or longer if we need to. It’s the first one after all…
  • If it totally flops and everyone hates it, I will refund your money guaranteed

You do not have to be on video if you don’t want to be, audio-only is ok, you have full control. We are going to use the Zoom conference platform, which is super simple, and does not require any kind of registration or login. All of the details will be in a follow up email after you buy, but you can use your computer or tablet (ie iPad), smartphone is good too, it is just a little bit smaller screen is all. And I will start the event plenty early so that anyone who is new to the platform can play around with the controls before we begin.

See you there! -Dillon

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